Corona has caused a pandemic globally starting from Wuhan and hardly leaving any major country .We know a little about the virus,its portal of entry,methods of entry and attack and know only a few effective drugs and need more research for newer cures and vaccines.All the progress so far in six months have led to not only answers but more doubts and questions. There was paucity of Information but in today’s I.T. world, we are overburdened with the fast-spreading online latest information, a lot of which is “Misinformation” or Infodemics and hence the need for an article which informs you about Corona Scare-Myths and Mysteries. We are used to mythology and mysteries in life but in science, we talk of Evidence-Based Medicine. Yet in the COVID 19 we have an unusual spread, detection, and treatment modalities which has led to the Corona Scare with several myths & mysteries arising out of it. Unlike SARS and MERS, with COVID 19, we may have to live with it for months or years.We can not deny or panic but prepare to coexist because, what cannot be cured has to be endured. There are many myths surrounding the Corona pandemic, and we need to be aware of them. *Surfaces are a big danger. Sanitisation of surfaces is not essential If there is no Covid patient

*Food spreads COVID. Wrong! COVID is a droplet infection like the flu and it is not transmitted by ordering, receiving, or eating food. Food-packs can be carriers, but food does not spread it. Do not worry about the food you order, but heat it in the microwave if you wish. *5G spreads COVID 19 is a myth because non 5G countries also have corona. *Virus enters home from shoes. Bringing COVID 19 home in shoes is like being struck by lightning twice in a day. Scientists working against viruses for 20 years know, droplet infections do not spread like that! *Purity is a virtue, paranoia is not! The COVID 19 virus remains

in the air is yet to be firmly proved.*Loss of Taste or smell means COVID. This is not true. *Drinking water will flush out coronavirus. Wrong! You can not destroy COVID 19 viruses that have penetrated cell walls by drinking gallons of hot water. Sanitizing Hands, Wearing Masks and Social Distancing (S.M.S.) is the best method for your protection. *Hand dryers kill coronavirus and Sanitizer is a must. Wrong! This is a virus, not bacteria. *Taking Vinegar, Alcohol, and Ginger prevent COVID. Wrong! You can not be protected from the virus by eating or drinking them! Alcohol,bleach,chlorine inhalation or vodka can not protect against the virus. *Face masks always protect against coronavirus, and masks will take care of all problems. Not a fact always Wear them in crowds and in.

places with poor ventilation but they can cause problems if used for longer duration or in strenuous activities. *Wear gloves and fear not. Wrong! Wearing gloves always is also a bad idea if you are not seeing patients, the virus can accumulate on the glove and be easily transmitted if you touch your face. Wash hands regularly. *Immunity increases by protecting self. No! Immunity is greatly weakened by always staying in a sterile environment. Even if you eat immunity-boosting foods, please go out in open places like parks/beaches. Immunity improves with exposure to low doses of pathogens over a period of time.

*Thermal scanner can diagnose corona. Wrong! It detects only fever, not corona.Many Corona patients have NO fever,some have it only for 3-4 days so fever itself also does not diagnose it. *Home remedies can cure corona. No. They only improve immunity. *Corona is the deadliest virus known to humans is a myth. Ebola is more lethal because the mortality of Corona is not high though the infectivity is high. *Antibiotics can kill Corona. No, they kill the bacteria only. *Flu and pneumonia vaccines can protect against COVID 19 is a myth. *Everyone with COVID dies is wrong. 80.9% of cases are mild and mortality is only 1 to 4 %. *Only old People and adults are at risk, children do not get Covid. There are myths to be dispelled. Children and newborns do get corona infection. It occurs in children, even in newborns! It affects children in two ways, most do not get sick like adults and some do not show any symptoms (Asymptomatic) but some get Multisystem Inflammatory SyndromeChildren (MIS-C) a disease caused by immunity (antibody) to corona infection. *Myth: children with MIS-C are infectious. This is not true because, in MIS-C patients, antibodies are made against the body’s organs within 3 to 6 weeks instead of the coronavirus and so it is an auto-immune disease. *Myth: MIS-C not seen in Gujarat. Wrong! Estimated 35 cases have been reported only from Surat. *Myth: Corona Virus is manmade. Humans are getting too much credit! Humans may edit a virus but creating it is fiction r a t h e r than fact. O r i g i n o f genetic variation in chromosome 3 is noted to have come from Neanderthals who existed from 120,000 to 60,000 years back and gave genes at 3 loci which were harmful to humans and even now when they are extinct, their impact is seen in Bangladesh. Mysteries: In the realm of medicine, what you do not know can indeed kill. Various mysteries scientists face are: What makes it spread so fast, Why R-naught (R0) is high (2.2) for Corona compared to Flu (1.3), What drives mortality, Why do young and fit marathon runners die and 80-year-olds go home, and Long term pulmonary and extrapulmonary consequences for the survivors are some of the many mysteries that remain to be solved. Will Corona reinfection occur is no more a mystery, it has occurred, unfortunately. Researchers are reacting to resolve the mysteries from immunity to the role of genetics about COVID-19 by looking for human gene variants that explain these differences. Mutation of the Gene is another mystery because all viruses mutate as they infect people, and SARS-CoV-2 is no exception. Mutations may change to serious types and can also lead to decreased potency and recognising those, need observations which only come after it has happened. Mutations also make it important to understand that a given COVID test positive in one country may come out negative due to genetic variations in another one and both are correct. A patient who travels from one continent to another may find it difficult to believe this even though both the tests are correct, and not a mystery! A mutation also changes the potential of response to vaccines. With the government and industry pumping billions into vaccine development, testing, and manufacturing, a vaccine could be available in record time unlike the Polio vaccine that took decades, say scientists. But it just might not be completely effective. “We might have vaccines in the clinic that are useful for people within 12 or 18 months, but those with proven lasting antibody response will need large rigorous trials. My professor used to say that only 50% of what I teach is true but I do not know which information is wrong! Things have not changed much. Information that is used becomes knowledge and for corona, six months old. So, the teacher and the student are at a similar threshold of knowledge. Let us first get rid of the myths and mysteries, and clean the slate to rewrite the right knowledge covered in this special issue of TMJ on COVID. Corona scare has to be replaced by Corona Care and Share.

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– Dr. Chaitanya S.Buch


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