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NETIZEN SAFETY: You think you are safe from cyberattacks? Even if you are not using Social Media platforms (Facebook etc), browsing the internet, using E-Mail, not using Mobile Phone and so on, Think again. Whether you are Male or Female, you do need e-mail! Don’t you still have a bank account? Demat Account? Aadhar Card? PAN Card? Debit / Credit Cards and so on? If YES, you are still a potential target for fraudsters. What is the threat exposure? How to sense the symptoms of a possible fraudulent attempt? How to Diagnose & protect yourself from such ailments, are the need of the day and more so in the near future.

WHY? There is a continuosly rising number of users world over using digital devices, A large group of these NETIZENS go for Online Shopping and with current Corona Pandemic, Quarantine and Physical distancing the digital transactions are on the rise. The incidence of accidents occuring these days is proportional to the amount of traffic. Similar is the case regarding the Information Super Highway. Even if you do not have a PC or Laptop. The fact that you pay bills online via mobile or pay fees or book a ticket or send an SMS or click a link, you ARE part of the information super highway. So a threat and relevant need information security does exist

WHO? All persons, properties & countries have to be vigilant. Not keeping tab on security issues is not a choice. The expenses for maintaining safety of data & clinics or Hospitals are going to rise as felt by 68% of businesses. (Need reference here)[sbg1]

HOW MUCH? You will be surprised my dear Medicos, that data breaches are responsible for a 4.1 billion Loss in the (Last ?first? mention period and give reference) [sbg2] six months of 2019. Out of this 71% were financial and many of us have been the victim of these financial frauds, 52% of them were done by hacking ,28% were by malware and 32% were either phishing attacks, or social engineering attack! Can we remain ignorant of such a malignant issue?

WHAT CATEGORIES? There are two main categories of cybercrime. Either the computer is used for creating the attack as a weapon or the computer is the target, from where people take your personal information and create a chaos. Various kinds of harms are created, but you need to understand that it.

Dr. Chaitanya S.Buch MD(Med)

can be against persons -meaning you and me, against the property that is our own or organization data and against a government, like a cyber war or cyber terrorism. We need to be careful about these and prevent them.

WHAT TYPES? We already know, some of them, like hacking, malware, phishing, rootkits attacks, spam, spyware, Trojans, viruses, ransomware etc. We have seen all of them from time to time. These cybercrimes like hacking everybody knows, fishing, cyber squatting are known to most. In fishing a different person is masquerading and creating a make believe that you are dealing with a genuine person. ! The inner ability to do the very same thing with a voice as is you see in the banking frauds when you get a phone and answer credit card information or fishing with voice ,is called Vishing and if you do give away info or OTP or password you lose your data or money as the case maybe.[sbg3]

CELLULAR SECURITY: Talking about cybersecurity using a computer or a laptop or a desktop ONLY is not the issue, cell phone usage is far higher., It is more handy, portable and easily stolen than a laptop., In the current age, everyone has a cell phone and their personal security is very important. The threats can arise from any of the apps that you have downloaded and use. The threats can exist as malware, spyware, privacy problems, vulnerability, etc. All the crimes possible via a computer can also be done via a mobile, Criminals use the same WiFi, Blue tooth or Routers which enable you to surf and visit a website, to install malware and run other actions

NETWORK SECURITY : The preference, in public places, is to lock your car with a key instead of the WiFi key press to avoid someone from sniffing the code. Similarly for all Credit Card and Online transactions you need to be careful about who else is in the vicinity before operating the mobile. Mobile physical threats are more important because computers are not easy to steal, but mobile devices are, they are small yet valuable and can be put in a pocket. They cost as much as a laptop, physical security therefore is very important. In a, lost or stolen device, the most prevalent valuable is not only the hardware for a possible resale in the black market. But also remember that the mobile has your sensitive personal financial and bank details, and even organizational and password details. Therefore, do remain safe. The selling rate of Medical Data is much higher in the dark web compared to other data due to there being personal, credit card, debit card ,medical and family data simultaneously ![sbg4]

HOW TO SECURE? What is important is ABCD. A is for Antivirus should be latest. B is for a current updated Browser, without exploitable hacking points whaich can be avoided. C is for a constant Check on the security settings, D is multiple – for Delete dubious links, disable remote access, Do and activity for only 10 or 15, minutes. The short time is important if you request someone else to do your job. E is for Educate yourself.

Friends, it is good to know that we are educated Doctors, but there are children in Jamtara[sbg5] , where there are three schools which teach how to hack. Through that and how to earn 50,000 Plus, every day, in some cases, and there have been too many. And there is a TV serial on it, Make sure to have a good Firewall and do continue to upgrade Knowledge about cybercrimes and what steps are important for cyber threat prevention.

CYBER CRIME has everything that is illegal, an illegal access to your system interception, interference, there is system or data interference, there is a device damage ,vandalism, and there are frauds and to avoid that there are five or six tips that you need to know.

CYBER SAFETY TIPS: Cyber Safety Tips, are the Precaution Prevention, Protection, Preservation, Perseverance and Password protection .All these can be discussed individually in future. Not knowing and not following the CS TIPS is the surest way to fall in PITS and repent so do not take any chances, Be Aware and Be SAFE! Wishing you happy Cyber Surfing from Cyber Secure Buch.

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– Dr. Chaitanya S.Buch MD(Med)
PGD Cyber Law, D.APD (Boston)


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