Indian Medical Service: Need of the hour

IMS (Indian Medical Service)

“Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus, The Greek Philosopher

Undoubtedly, IAS, IPS and IFS are the administration services which are strengthening our nation since freedom. In a similar way, Indian Medical Association has presented an idea to the most visionary Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Damodardas Modi to begin “Indian Medical Services” – a timely need to bring drastic changes in the field of Indian Health System and to uplift the standard and health care to almost 135 crore people of India. It is often said that “health is wealth” and it is the time to accept the change to offer better and better health services to every Indian. Progress is impossible without changes, and those who don’t change their mind, cannot change anything. And now it’s the time to change the face of Indian health care sector.

Why Indian Medical Services?

To maintain “One India, One System” policy in the medical field also.

  • MBBS Medical persons can handle and understand complex medical-related issues, challenges, need of action in pandemic/epidemic, medical institution’s functioning very easily and in a more scientific way.
  • Medical services if planned by MBBS medical graduates, will surely benefit Indian people, and the dream of “Healthy India” can be achieved.
  • Medical graduates (MBBS) with IMS cadre will surely deliver better administrative responsibilities at district, state and national level to upgrade and uplift Indian medical services for the benefit of an Indian citizen.
  • Medical diseases control programs, if run and administered by MBBS medical graduates having IMS cadre, goals can be achieved more speedily and thus we can strengthen our national economy as well.
  • Medical Graduates (MBBS) if involved to build up new hospitals along with structural engineers, a real medical temple can be built up. • Medical institutes if designed geographically by MBBS Medical graduates, the level of medical services as well as the issue of availability of medical services in remote areas, will be addressed very well and in a balanced way.
  • MBBS Medical graduate can better understand the problem faced by doctors, nursing staff and other medical and paramedical health workers. So all such issues can be tackled in a better way with a ‘win-win” strategy.

Benefits of Indian Medical Services

  • Quality of health care services will improve.
  • Satisfaction level of patients at the government institute can be improved.
  • Timely advancement of the institute can be planned.
  • In a medical emergency, pandemic, etc., we can achieve a better outcome with a scientific approach.
  • “Health for All” can be achieved earliest.
  • Professionalism in the health care sector for the benefit of the patient
  • Medical education will be made more comprehensive, and medical students will be more compatible with certain clinical scenarios and emergencies.
  • IMS will ensure the provision of world-class medical aid to patients nationwide.

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– Dr. Pragnesh Shah


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