Health includes physical, mental, and social well-being. Even if you are healthy physically, you can be mentally ill or vice-versa. In the medical profession where their prime purpose is intended for the proper health of every individual, they usually forget their self-care.

In the busy schedule of our daily existence, we should search for little things that can actually reinforce the quality, in our so-called quality lifestyle. We just need to follow certain principles which help us to be fit without putting extra effort. Here are the few tricks which you can use to improvise your Health:

  • Every morning, make it a routine of practicing meditation for 15minutes. This will boost your energy for the whole day and also will empower you with optimism. Meditation helps you to memorize things easily and add peace to your temperament.
  • Prayer always helps. It helps in directing our focus to one particular thing and putting all our energy into it.
  • If you live in hostel, then you are aware of the quality of food they serve. So it’s better to avoid the breakfast of the hostel or canteen and instead, you can have fresh fruits and warm milk. Fresh fruits are full of vitamins and citrus fruits like orange are antioxidants that remove extra toxins from your body.
  • Eating healthy must be an integral part of one’s living. If you eat healthy, you think healthy and if you think healthy then your life will be healthy.
  • While going to clinics you can carry dry fruits with you. Almonds, cashews, figs, dates, walnuts should be eaten daily. These small things will help you to build your immunity and give you energy during your clinic hours.
  • For lunch, you can have only chapatti instead of both chapattis and rice. If you eat both simultaneously then your fat level will increase. Also, you should eat more green vegetables like spinach, coriander, fenugreek, etc. They give essential minerals which are necessary for our body.
  • Increase the use of stairs instead of the lift, prefer to walk than to use the vehicle on the campus. We know that our campuses are too vast, so by regularly walking or using stairs, we can befit.
  • After college hours, you can have a quick light snack and rush to the treadmill with a book that includes the teaching of that day. While running you can have a quick revision. If you are tired, then listen to songs or appreciate your mind for being so calm amidst the suffering from so many emotions in the first 20 minutes of your run and later you can have your book along with. So in this way, you can improve your learnings because while working out Endorphins are released which makes us feel mentally good and happy.
  • Atleast thrice in a week one should play games like badminton, volleyball, table-tennis or any other sport they prefer for maintaining body stamina and BMR rate. By playing sports you are not only burning your extra fat but also increasing your body’s oxygen-carrying capacity.
  • For increasing mental capacity, one can play chess, carom like games which enhances your concentration and thinking capability. This practice will help you in your studies also.
  • In the evening make a habit of eating dinner at around 7:30 and then fast for12hrs.This helps in reducing fat, increasing immunity, and enhancing our control capacity
  • After dinner, you can have a 30-minute walk with your friends where you can discuss what you all have learned throughout the day. Learning from others always adds something beneficial to our possession
  • At night before going to bed have as hower with cold water or luke warm water.This relaxes your mind and body and also helps you to get sound sleep.
  • At the time of sleeping, do a 5-minute exercise for the eyes. Roll your eyes up and down, to and fro, in a circular manner, and keep it close for some time, have a sip of water and then sleep peacefully.
  • Make a proper schedule because by doing so you will get to know where you are wasting time, where actually you need to invest time because what happens during exams students are deprived of sleep and the subject of anxiety. The reason is lack of preparation just because of not forming a proper schedule. If we complete our work on a day-to-day basis, then we can maintain our physical as well as mental health.
  • On the weekend you can make food for yourself which is oil-free and nutritional. Also, in a group of 4-5 people, you can do yoga for at least 1hour.

These tiny things which if we include in our daily routine then it can give us tremendous benefit and can increase our life expectancy. We usually tend to ignore the small things which on practicing regularly can lead to immense benefit not only to us but also to the society whom we serve.

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– Kavya Rupesh Shah


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