The three biggest question of our lives today is

1. Rasode mei kaun tha?

2. Binod?

3. When will colleges reopen?

It’s been almost 7 months since colleges shut down for the first time. As dreaded and frustrating it might seem today, we need to acknowledge the fact that there was a time when the lockdown came upon to us medicos as a blessing. It was for the first time that medicos were on leave and did not have to prepare for any exams. All medicos had first rejoiced this new found relief and had put it to complete use.

As the days passed by and uncertainty surrounded, students all over the country started getting restless. After all it was all so unclear whether exams would be held or not,if held would they be taken online or offline, there was a new process of adapting to the new online classes where students struggled to get the insight of the clinical postings on the video platforms and lacked the learning they could garner from their practical sessions. In all it was all going haywire and students had already fallen out of love from their subjects. The lengthy course and duration of MBBS seemed lengthier day by day. From the very first day, medicos don’t stop taking pride to be associated with a fraternity that places others before self. Medicos keep trying to build up this virtue of dedication and sacrifice from the very start. This grave pandemic saw our fraternity emerge as avengers who are still thriving to safeguard our nation, and while our kin from the fraternity were upfront fighting the virus, there came forward many medicos across several states to volunteer in management of Covid-19 and patient care.

So now is the voluntary service of the medicos to be considered a hint that
they are ready to attend colleges amidst the ever growing corona outbreak
or is it just a reminder that our medicos understand and value the fact that
a national emergency calls for helping hands?

A survey that was conducted throughout the state showed that out of 500 respondents 54.2% did not wish for colleges to reopen while 11.2% were unsure and 34.6% wanted colleges to resume functioning immediately. Out of all those who responded yes, 34.6% wanted so in order to meet their friends and most others wanted so as they felt that a lot of their time had been wasted already. Around 86% out of those who voted for no felt that a global pandemic calls for everyone to stay home and stay safe. They felt that opening of colleges and resuming clinical postings would mostly bring a great spike in the positive cases.

Although upon being asked most respondents felt that medicos will have a great deal to learn if they were to survive going to college amidst the pandemic but on the other hand they felt that it was of greater importance to curb down the spread of the virus in the nation than to use this opportunity as a first-hand experience for learning. While the subject of reopening of medical colleges still remains in the grey area, let us explore both possibilities before coming to any consensus.


Why say no to reopening of medical colleges?

You and I both know that the spread of virus is via direct contact, opening of colleges would mean mass transportation of a large number of students and parents across cities, hundreds of students being stuffed into clingy hostels, overcrowded canteens, common washrooms, irresponsible attitude of amateur medicos and hospital visits that would increase the chances of spreading and contracting the virus. As we all witnessed within a week of opening schools in the U.S, over a lakh children tested positive for the virus and with the humongous population of our country, we can expect even higher numbers of positive case turnouts and a great spike in the total number of cases. Also medicos are expected to serve their duties, if at all medicos were to do duty it is first to be known that half knowledge is dead deadly knowledge. I would like to question all those who firmly are in favor of medicos being given duties, would you ever like to be tested, diagnosed, and prescribed by someone who hasn’t yet finished their medical studies? If at all anything were to happen to you due to their negligence, can someone legally blame these innocent medicos who were compelled to perform duties way before they are capable of it? I certainly believe no.

Why say yes to reopening of medical colleges?

Firstly, this pandemic isn’t getting over any soon, the new normal is to normalize living with the virus. If all were to sit at home afraid of the virus then the world would come to a standstill and not to forget more the exposure, greater is the chances of development of herd immunity. Being medicos, pandemic can be visualized as a great opportunity to learn to handle any such catastrophe ahead in the future. Better the learning of the matter, better will be the management subsequently. It’s evident from history that every time catastrophes took the world by its powers, skilled men and women have shed their sweat and blood to win back a happy time from it, a century ago, medical students were seen on duty amidst the Spanish flu pandemic.

Our heroes are defined by their courage and sacrifice and from the beginning of time, the medical fraternity and heroism has been unbreakably linked. Whenever the world needed us, we were upfront. This is that time yet again. Also, time is money and wasting a huge amount of time doing nothing is detrimental not only for our careers but also our mental health as our mind starts getting into a chaotic state while sitting ideal. One of the best way to fight this pandemic is to take all responsibilities into our own hands, take all necessary precautions, avoid careless behavior, help others and create awareness of the same. It’s in our hands after all; to win it or lose it all.

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– Shreya Chakravarty


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