Every profession has examples of people who branch out from their field and establish themselves on a bigger front. Medical fraternity is one among them with doctors stepping into government offices, laying institutions and most importantly laying down foundations that serves generations to come. There are many doctors who entered the field of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship to serve people better. Although it is natural to expect most of these influential people to be elderly, the younger generation is also proving themselves worthy.

One of the most brilliant examples was set by Dr. Saurav Das who at the age of 27, earned a mention in the prestigious ‘30 under 30’ list of Forbes-India in 2015. Dr. Saurav Das is one of the founders of Chennai-based NewDigm Healthcare Technologies. He also serves as the Head of Medical Strategy of the company, which provides public health, technology, socio-cultural solutions for people in rural and remote locations. While this might have had happened years back in time, we have multiple such names even in present.

Dr Abhijit Upadhyaya, 26 year old, another doctor turned entrepreneur is the Founder-CEO of Cytopot . Dr. Upadhyaya has already won several accolades for his Samaritan deeds. Abhijit, who hails from Balasore, is an alumnus of the Institute of Medical Sciences, SOA University. Upon his belief that certain problems of the healthcare system in this country like overburdened and disorganised private clinics and OPDs, overcrowding in the areas for patient waiting and lack of real-time updates about the unanticipated rescheduling of appointments which led to a loss of significant working hours for the patients and fewer patient consultations per , this scenario can be bettered with standardized healthcare; and thus Cytopot was born. Cytopot Health Care Private Limited is a Private incorporated on November 2019 with Abhijit Upadhyaya and his mother Nibedita Upadhyaya as directors of the company. With an authorized share capital of 1 crore and paid up capital of 500,000 ` , the company is fairly new and yet to witness the test of time.

As per the reports rolled out in 2019, if we exclude the doctors practicing traditional medicine, there is only one doctor per 1,445 Indians as per the country’s current population which is estimated somewhere of 135 crore, which is lower than the WHO’s prescribed norm of one doctor for 1,000 people and today we are in an apparent need of a higher number of doctors, more than we were ever before. This pandemic has not only made the importance of digitalising more evident but along with that, it has also pushed us into the future before we anticipated.

In these times, a start up that takes a set of procedures online is certainly lucrative. Services that will locate a doctor or provide with online consultation have been available in the Indian market since long but in spite of some of the world’s best brains, hearts and hands among our doctors here, there is also “the dark side” with quacks, dupes, misallocation of funds at many levels and commercialisation that we so often hear about in the newspapers and thus it is must and advisable for the patients to weigh their personal circumstance, disease condition and safety before choosing any service that claims to provide help. If one has the right to choose their own doctors, or find doctors one knows personally about, and they are able to do a good assessment then telemedicine could be among the safest options during the pandemic.

Coming to Cytopot, which being in an age where telemedicine is the budding technology, has taken a middle way approach by not replacing the practice of physical consultation completely. It describes itself as an innovative healthcare ecosystem with an aim to streamline health care services across the country. In both the mobile application and web based portals, patients can track their appointments on real-time, e-prescription can be generated and doctors can also refer patients to specific healthcare services.

In conversation with a media personal, Abhijit had mentioned that the idea of getting appointments and consequently carrying health records of a person might discourage people from opening up to an online application handling it all for them. However, he hopes that with time, people will understand the efficiency and safety which has been paid close attention to, while creating this platform.

However at present both the applications, Cytopot and Cytopot Pro, the later which is meant for health care professionals takes long to load and seems to work only with a high speed internet, unavailable to a majority of people. By taking the current health scenario of our nation into account, the lack of doctors and even fewer of them equipped to enhance their visibility online, Cytopot by synchronising and digitalising the whole process might only be able to serve an affluent niche.

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Musharraffah Ansari


– Musharrafah Ansari


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