About us

Who we are?

The Med Juncture i.e. TMJ is an initiative of Indian Medical Association – Medical Students Network, Gujarat State Branch (IMA MSN GSB).
TMJ is broadly classified as under the following:
1. TMJ – Medical Magazine
2. TMJ – Research Journal
3. TMJ – News & Updates

What do we aim?

The Med Juncture is committed to exploring the social, political and ethical issues of health care and medical education. It is an initiative that covers aspects of the personal, clinical and career development of medical students and physicians in an engaging, concise manner.
We believe that it our responsibility to provide medical students with the knowledge and platform they need to encompass that would successfully increase their brilliance in classrooms and clinicals alike.

Our prospective audience includes medical students, physicians, medical physicists, clinical scientists, technologists and other healthcare professionals.

What purpose do we fill?

The main purpose of The Med Juncture will always be on enlightening it’s readers with knowledge on social, ethical, political and academical aspects of healthcare and medical education.

Brought in to existence in August, 2020 we have been toiling to provide the best articles forward. Team TMJ promises to continue serving you with the best of information that we can have. We hope you will enjoy what we will be presenting to you in the upcoming pages.

Happy Reading!